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Recycled sequin sheet
Final artefact


The collection focuses majorly on creating our beloved sequins, but with waste materials recycled.

This is achieved  by working with materials such as, bubble wrap found in packaging factories, plastic straws left to harm our animals and scraps of packaging cardboard.

For this project the sequins sheets are created from scratch, mainly through heat press for most of the plastic based waste.

From there the process of designing and cutting sequins can be seen. Transitioning from just scraps of waste, the project starts to shape up, when the hand sewn, final artefact is created. 

This transition is portrayed in a three stage phase on this website, clearly portraying the motive of the designer. The existence of different textures and shapes can be seen through the professionally photographed close ups of every sequin and stitched design. Due to the coincidental emphasis on pastel colours, the range turned out to be very delicate looking and couture.

The Re-sequin collection reflects the beauty seen in every textile, even if it is plastic waste ready to be thrown.

'Re-sequin' is the addition, the vast family of sequins's need.